The Ghosts of Dedap Road – 1

22 03 2009

“Tell me the scary story again, Ravia!”
“Which one?”
“The one about the suns.”
“When the sun came up in Singapore today he split himself in two as he has done every day since time began. ”
“He did that just today?”
“Yes, Margaret, he has done it every day since time began.”
“But Ravia, how do you know the sun is a he?”
“These things are known.”
“So why did he split himself in two?”
“You must be patient and I will tell you. He becomes two suns, one dark and one light so he can rule over the two universes. The first universe is a place of dark misery and everyone who walks that lonely world would rather be in our bright happy world. That’s why sometimes things happen we can’t explain. The people of the other universe are trying to come through. We must not be afraid when this happens. We must simply go about our daily lives. They will cry out in the darkness and we must not acknowledge them. They will move things and break things and tempt us with paradise. But you must listen to what I say, Margaret. If you ever acknowledge their existence they will have you. They will take your place in this world and you will be doomed to walk the desolate plains forever under the dark sun.”
“Is it really true?”
“Yes, it is just as I say.”
“How do you know?”
“My mama told me.”
I thought about that for a moment.
“Yes, Greta?”
“Why would God make people live in a place like that dark universe?”
“It exists for us Margaret. It is there to show us how wonderful our living world is and to remind us to appreciate all we have on this earth.”

I was sound asleep when I awoke to the sound of breaking glass. Was I dreaming? The house was still and dark when I opened my eyes. My older sister slept in the twin bed across the room. I could hear her steady breathing.
“Sadie!” I whispered “Sadie, are you awake?” She moaned in her sleep and turned over. I pulled the covers up over my head and strained to listen for other sounds in the house. My whole body was rigid with fear.I should sit up, I thought. I should get up and see what that sound is. Was that footsteps? There was a creak on the stairs. I froze and held my breath. Who was in the house? Were they going to murder us in our sleep? My heart beat fast as I lay under the covers. I couldn’t hold my breath any longer and I let it out in a long sigh. There was a click and a whir as the air conditioner kicked in. Good, I thought, then whoever it is wont hear me breathing and they wont come in here. But the sounds were gone. I let myself breathe again slowly in the safety of my blanket cave, hyper-alert to every settling noise of the house.  Eventually, the fear dissolved into troubled sleep.


Starting a new series

22 03 2009

Dear all five of you who haven’t given up on me and still read my
blog. Tonight i’ll be posting a new series which i’ve been working on
secretly. After much deliberation and worrying, i’ve decided to take
the risk and post it for public consumption. The story is partly
autobiographical but with a good dose of poetic license. Look for a
post in a few hours. The series is set in Singapore and entitled: The
Ghosts of Dedap Road. N, i got your message and my readers have you
to blame for my blog revival.

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A whole new way to blog

14 03 2009

Set up by Broom in the hopes that this will make her Girl blog more.

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Coming out

13 02 2009

Broom is in the other room calling her dad. She didn’t want me to be in the room with her. Why do I feel like I’m the one coming out? Stay tuned…

a post is coming

16 12 2008

I can feel it like when you smell the dust rising just before a thunderstorm. Why am I telling you this? To put pressure on myself to actually write this one.

Elections I remember

4 11 2008

On the eve of one of the most extraordinary US elections in my lifetime, I am pondering the presidential elections I’ve been alive for.

In 2004, a group of us sat hopefully in front of the TV in a tiny one-bedroom flat in Brooklyn. We watched on pins and needles as Ohio looked to be leaning toward Kerry and then Bush and then…cap in hand, John Edwards and a long-faced Kerry announced that they were conceding the election to a man we had desperately hoped would be knocked off of his evil perch. We were stunned because all of us felt that this election meant the difference between lives saved and lives lost. We could not have predicted the sheer scale of actual lives lost those 53 million people who voted for Bush now have on their consciences. We braced ourselves, nonetheless, for 4 more years of needless war, of violent rhetoric, of suppression and censorship, of isolationism, corruption and big oil.

2000 was a wake-up call for my generation. Supposedly one of the most exemplary democracies in the world turned out to be deeply dysfunctional.  When George W. Bush took office, we were only nine months away from an event so shocking, it would forever alter public discourse in our country and indeed the world. What a comedy (tragedy?) of errors that led to the moment when this idiotic despot-in-waiting would be in power at this defining moment when America needed leadership of the highest caliber. It was the perfect political storm that has gone on for 8 years too long.

Aside from the upset victory he snatched from the first George Bush, Clinton’s eight years in office were blissfully uneventful by comparison. The worst crisis his administration faced was because of an extra-marital affair. I suspect that nowadays, most Americans would gladly trade our current problems for those days. I guess that’s the great paradox of history: it gives us the gift of perspective and insight only upon hindsight.

We’ve had a rough decade, and we’ve been humbled and tempered in ways that are not fun as a nation or as individuals. Culturally, philosophically we still face huge maturity gaps. But I expect that four years from now, I will remember this election day with pride and excitement and a real hope for the future of my beautiful country. Obama for President.

Happy Birthday Broom!

7 10 2008

Dearest Broom

I remember the first birthday I celebrated with you. There were oceans and continents separating us, but I found a local sushi place that would deliver and ordered long-distance. I was going to surprise you but then I realized that you needed to be home when it arrived. So I had to ruin the surprise. Your first reaction was that I had ordered too much food and you made me change it to half the amount, but you were still happy and surprised. What you didn’t know was that the sushi was just a decoy for the real surprise which was a huge bouquet of bright autumn flowers and a poem I had written just for you. I was sad that I couldn’t be there to see your face when it arrived while you were eating your sushi. Today as we celebrate together, it feels as much like my birthday because I get to see your reaction in person when I surprise you with your birthday gift. I love you broom and I look forward to a hundred more birthdays in a hundred more lifetimes.