Tag: Ten things I discovered and loved about Bombay in my first visit as a foreigner

29 11 2008

Replying to Broom’s post: ten things you love about Bombay.

Ten things I discovered about Bombay in my first visit as a foreigner:

1. cows serenely grazing on the edge of the frenetic highway, looking as if fear of getting hit by a car is completely outside their realm of experience.

2. The city is all neutral colors, but vibrant jewel-colored people emerge from that backdrop of grays and tans.

3. Idlis dipped in Bombay Sambhar for breakfast. I’ve never tasted anything so delicious (except, of course, all the other delicious things I tasted in mumbai. )

4. Fresh Betel leaf grown from someone’s back yard that takes the edge off the jetlag

5. FabIndia! With it’s rooms full of colorful Kurtas and shopping bags made out of Bombay newspapers.

6. All things cream: Seetaful cream from haji ali fruit juice, natural’s tender coconut ice cream, and of course the cream centre (The food was amazing, but oddly, I most remember the pickled carrots).

7. Preparations for the Ganesh festival underway at Chowpatty

8. Riding in a Rickshaw that runs on CNG and weaving in and out of Bombay traffic with only a tattered curtain stretched across the door to protect us from the downpour of monsoon rains.

9. Rajma, pulau, dosas, dahi,Bombay duck and all of the homemade meals prepared by Broom’s parents.

10. A feeling that I did not have enough time in this wonderful city and that I will definitely be back.

My thoughts and prayers are with you Mumbai.