Thank You, India

2 07 2009

Holy Sappho! The news this morning was enough to wake this slumbering blog! I can’t believe it. India has legalized homosexuality. I’ve taken a bet with Broom as of this morning that India will legalize gay marriage before the United Sates does now. She is skeptical (and secretly hopeful that she’ll lose the bet). I’m hopeful (and secretly skeptical).  That basically sums up our relationship, I just realized.  When Broom woke up this morning her inbox was flooded with emails about the news and from well-wishers. She woke me up and I knew it was something big because the tone in her voice was like a child who has just seen Santa Claus.  As Broom read aloud some of the more poignant comments from her email, I rushed to my gmail account, eager to read the hundreds of comments and letters I was sure to have received!  While gmail loaded up, I imagined the various comments people might have…”you and Broom can come to India now!”…”come and raise your little Troom here!” Gmail was slow, I thought because of all the messages in my inbox about the amazing news in India! But after a few minutes it finally stopped grinding and announced proudly that I had 7 new messages! Only 7?  Okay, I thought, not as many as I hoped, but I still couldn’t wait to read them.  The first message was from google telling me I had no calendar items today…Delete. The second message was from a sports store I had bought something from several months ago…Report Spam. Okay 5 messages from people dying to tell me the news about India. I get it. Broom is Indian, of course she’ll have more messages than I do. (plus her blog is wildly more popular than mine). I skimmed through the rest of the titles…A message from my mom from yesterday. An update from a news site I subscribe to. A couple of people connecting to me on social networking sites. Gravely disappointed, I reread each of the 5 remaining titles hoping there was one I missed. But sadly there were NO messages from anyone in India or elsewhere sharing the good news with me. None. zip. nada.

Dear Blog readers:  I realize you’re used to my kind glossing over momentous news such as this in your half of the world, but I want you all to know that I care about what happens in India, okay? I’m certain that amongst the six people who read my blog regularly (okay as regularly as I update which isn’t very) at least half of you are Indian. Can we make a pact right now, that if ANYTHING momentous happens in India, you tell me first? Most of you probably came here from Broom’s blog, so I realize you’ll be tempted to comment on her blog first, but maybe have some pity on your Indian news-challenged American blogger and just quickly toss a sentence or two over the fence to me first? I’m pretty sure that whatever it is, Broom will find out in due course.  Plus, how cool would it be if I was able to actually surprise her with news about India she hadn’t heard yet?  Only you can make this vision a reality, fellow Indian blog readers.  Just to sweeten the pot a little, I will make you a promise. Next time I get momentous Indian news first (bonus points if it’s gay Indian news), I will not only plaster my blog with the headlines, but I will also…reveal one letter from my real name!  Is that an offer you can’t refuse or what?




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2 07 2009

I found out from Broom’s blog !!! yayyy about the news though.

2 07 2009

AWW. Girl. Hugs. You are so very part of Broom that never thought of you as different. A hug to broom is hug to you as well. Well I have been reading you but never commented though.
Chin up and give that smile please. and we are more than happy that you and broom can come down to Bombay ..okie some day. YAY !!
Are you on twitter too btw ?

2 07 2009

heheh! prepare to celebrate coz I came to your blog first after reading the news at rediff!! I am really so happy that my country has grown up..even a little bit! I just hope they are able to implement this law given the crassness and narrowmindedness of the avergae Indian…but it is a BIG step forward and you have every reason to celebrate!!!

I’ll make a pact with YOU…could you please please complete your story and I promise I will visit you first before I visit Broom!!

3 07 2009

@Roshni: Traitor

3 07 2009
La Vida Loca

Yeah sure. BUT if you are gonna reveal a vowel, then NO DICE.


3 07 2009


See I’m leaving a comment here before Broom’s! Brilliant news indeed! I really hope we legalise marriage before the USA!!

3 07 2009
Monologues from the Glass Closet » Blog Archive » D-Day

[…] morning The Girl and I cried as we watched on NDTV, the joy erupting amongst the gay community and all day long as I […]

3 07 2009

LOL! The last part cracked me up! 🙂
“Only you can make this vision a reality, fellow Indian blog readers.” Sooo Indian politican!

3 07 2009

ok, delurking just for ya 🙂 (and, err broom)

And i am here’by im’pact’ed by your pact and will rush to your blog (before broom) and tell ya about any momentous happenings aite? 😀

(for the reallllllly bad im’pact’ed pun, I apologise :P)

Have a great day, and CELEBRATE!

3 07 2009

Hey Girl! I visit your blog so often and never write anything. I used to follow the broom’s blog and always wondered about you. After going thru your blog, I feel the comfort of knowing you 🙂 And see I’ve never left a comment on the broom’s blog. You get the priority seat girl!

Congrats to both of you! Hope you’ve a great life !

3 07 2009
the amrikan

Awwww…don’t feel left out! I only comment on Broom’s blog to abuse her, and you don’t deserve that! 😉 Will try to be more communicative, sorry! Now get back to work, a person would think you guys spend every waking minute out on date nights and watching the news. :p

3 07 2009

Done.. I read both of you regularly but rarely comment 🙂
btw- Broom did reveal one letter of your name ( Maybe) in the comments:)

4 07 2009

Hahaha @ La Vida Loca: there are no vowels in my name, so it will be a consonant :), @the amrikan: we do actually… @everyone else: Thanks for the great comments! ah feel luved.

6 07 2009

Done deal.. I was just gonna twitter my congratulations to Broom (i know late right? coz I just came back from the hills for the long weekend but I celebrated by scandalizing my entire family with my joy over the news!!) bbbuttt you get priority with your filmy Indian politician appeal.

Plus your blog gets updated before broom’s on my reader so.. score!

6 07 2009

Hey! Big hug to you from me and N 🙂 Never ever left a comment but now I am 😀

7 07 2009

ok promise, though I didn’t mail broom either, assuming you two wd know already (it’s been decriminalised not legalised , sorry to be a pedantic bore at this happy time)

9 07 2009


Just wanted to send wishes and hugs your way..I was reading Broom’s blog….told her to call me anytime she needed to talk and same goes for you….call me anytime you want to talk…

Lots and lots of love,

13 08 2009

I’ve been following your blog (and the Broom’s) for a while now, but have never commented until now. After reading your plea about letting you know about something momentous happening in India, I thought I should let you know about this article –
There’s a gay pride march happening this Sunday in Bombay. Yayyy!

22 09 2009

Happy birthday!

22 09 2009

Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!! Have a good one !

22 09 2009
Orange Jammies

Hey TG! Hopped over from Broom’s to wish ya. Happy happy birthday! Enjoy! 🙂

22 09 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

22 09 2009

Happy Birthday!

22 09 2009

Happy Birthday, TG! Hope you and Broom have a super day and next year, you have one more (little) person to celebrate with!

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