The Ghosts of Dedap Road – 5

27 03 2009

The bus had already turned onto Dedap road when I came out of the house. Sadie and Clem both stepped out in front of it with their arms out and the bus driver slowed to a stop. I ran across the courtyard, and out into street waving wildly at the bus driver to wait for me. He smiled patiently as I threw myself onto the steps. “Good Morning, Greta!” He closed the door and waited as I tried to find a seat.

I grimaced. The only place to sit was next to Clem and the older kids. He slid to the outside of the seat. “You can’t sit here!” he whispered and motioned to the front of the bus. A few people watched us with curious eyes.

“There’s nowhere else to sit, Clem, move over!” I said through gritted teeth. Everyone was looking at us now. The bus driver glanced in the mirror, and Clem gave in.

“But I get to sit on the outside.” He grumbled and stood up to let me in. I didn’t mind. I liked to look out the window. I watched row after row of semi-detached houses all the same size and shape gliding by in pastel colors as the bus made it’s way to the main highway.  The houses all looked afraid behind massive wrought iron gates. I wondered if their owners thought they needed protection.  We had iron gates too, but I didn’t think that would be enough.

  “By the way, you’re wrong about Bloody Mary.” I said as the bus lurched onto the highway. Clem was already sweating. It wasn’t like Daddy’s car where there was air conditioning and we could drive for hours without feeling the heat. The bus ride to school was an hour and a half long and it felt like we were in a heated swimming pool for the entire ride. By the time we got there, everyone’s hair was slicked down and dripping wet.

“I can’t believe you did that!” His eyes were wide and I faltered for a moment.

“I said it ten times just like you said and nothing happened. I knew you were making it all up. At least when Ravia tells stories they’re true.”

“Are you calling me a liar, Greta?”

“If you’re not a liar then why did nothing happen when I said her name ten times?” I folded my arms in triumph.

“That’s because you didn’t listen when I told you how to do it.” He paused with a far off look and then he smiled wickedly. “But don’t worry. Bloody Mary will be visiting you soon. Just don’t go into any dark rooms by yourself and you’ll be fine.”

I let that sink in for a minute. Was he lying again? Just making more stuff up because he knew I’d caught him? I couldn’t be certain. Maybe I had done it wrong.

“You did everything right. ” He said as though he read my thoughts. “you just forgot the most important part. You have to be in the dark when you say the words.”

“In the dark?” I suddenly felt nervous and wondered if it had been a bad idea to test Clem’s honesty. “Total and complete darkness.” It was his turn to look triumphant. “But like I said, you did everything right, which means that the spell took. It’s just waiting for you to go into a dark room, where you’ll meet Bloody Mary and…well, it was nice knowing you little sister.” He grinned and I tried to fight back tears and a sense of dread creeping into my stomach. What had I done? Was he telling the truth? I had a feeling he was lying before but maybe he wasn’t. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so quick to doubt him. He seemed to sense my unease and his expression softened. “Don’t worry Greta.” he said gently. “You’ll be just fine. I’ll keep you safe from Bloody Mary.” He put an arm around me and squeezed. “Just avoid dark rooms.” and then he laughed.




3 responses

30 03 2009

Waiting for more from you, TG! I wish you wrote more in each post 😉

31 03 2009
Thinking Cramps

I loved this series. And now I hate dark rooms even more. Please write more often.

26 06 2009

Hi! I’m coming via Broom’s blog! I read the story from the beginning and it sounds just amazing! I can’t wait to read the next part!

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