The Ghosts of Dedap Road – 4

26 03 2009

Our next door neighbor, Ravia was born in Singapore. Her dad was Dutch and her mom was Malaysian.  I could see her dark red hair through the stair posts as I skipped down.  She often came over for breakfast. Her parents sometimes went out at night with my parents and she would babysit us. I liked it when she came over because she told ghost stories.   I hated ghost stories but I couldn’t stop listening. I always wanted to hear more even though I was afraid. I knew there was a ghost in our house, but Ravia told me never to talk about it and to pretend like the ghost wasn’t there. I wanted to tell her about the lamp, but if I did that, the ghost would know I knew it was there. I hurried through my breakfast and then excused myself from the table. There was something I had to know before I went to school.

“She was the Queen of Scotland but she was beheaded by her own sister who was the Queen of England.” Clem said. “She’s never forgotten it even in death. To this day she walks the earth as a ghost waiting for any hapless soul to say the magic words that will bring her back to life.”
“What are the magic words?”
“Why do you want to know?”
“Because she should be free if she wants.”
“But that’s the thing. Whoever says the words to free her will pay for it with their own life. Because when she comes back she won’t be human anymore.  She’ll be half woman half wild dog and all she wants is blood. That’s why they call her Bloody Mary. Do you still want to say the magic words?”
“That’s stupid. I don’t believe you.”
“Go ahead then and say the words.”
“I would if you weren’t too chicken to tell me what they are.”
“Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. You have to follow these instructions exactly. First you stand in front of a mirror. Then you say the words ‘Bloody Mary’ exactly ten times. By the ninth time, you’ll start to feel a choking sensation and then by the tenth, she’ll appear in the mirror, half dog and half woman. And then after a few minutes, she’ll be real. But you won’t live long enough to see her.”
“That’s the stupidest ghost story I ever heard.”



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