Toronto without Broom

25 03 2009

I feel old. The faint flickering of headlights reflect on the windowsill of this one-room apartment. The walls are made of pitted cement painted a flat lifeless white and the floor is checkered black and white vinyl.  I had to buy everything because there was nothing in the apartment when I arrived save for a crude couch/bed contraption that provides me with a corner of the room that is marginally more cushy than the floor itself to sleep on.  I am right across from a university and the young college students in their earthy scarves and carefully mussed hair spill out of doorways as though they belong here.  A homeless man walked by with his empty shopping cart and he smelled like a tangle of weeds.   I am grateful that the apartment is clean at least.  No weird odors. The grocery store is a block away.   So is Sears. That turned out to be more than I bargained for as I found myself schlepping home forty pounds of sheets, blankets, milk, bread, tuna, bananas and various cleaning supplies.   Tomorrow is my first day at the new job. The adventure begins.  I know I should be feeling more excited but the whole world feels so empty without Broom here.  A video phone is a poor substitute for a warm Broom wrapped around me and both of us defying alarm clocks and cold winter mornings to hold each other a few minutes longer.   Just before I left we had a two day marathon of yummy biryani for breakfast lunch and dinner.  We made up songs about leaving Calgary and going to Toronto and we crammed two big suitcases with as much stuff as we could.  We made fun of the crazy bipolar weather and pulled all of the cushions off the couch and put them on the floor to cuddle and  watch our favorite TV show.   These are the things I miss.  Small normal things we do together that are so mundane but leave gaping holes in my heart when I’m away from Broom.

I miss you terribly, B.  I wish you were here to make these dull white-washed walls come to life with your smile.




2 responses

25 03 2009

I miss you too, m.

18 08 2009

You guys make my heart melt….

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