Ghosts of Dedap Road – 2

23 03 2009

Every morning at 7:30 sharp she came into the room singing.

“Good morning to you! You look like a zoo! You act like a monkey and smell like one too!”

This morning was no exception and when I heard the familiar pitch of my mother’s voice, I swam out from under the covers giggling and thinking about how silly I had been the night before. Daylight has a way of making night-time fears seem distant and small. I sat up and as the fog of sleep cleared I stopped giggling abruptly. My mother stood in the middle of the room looking stricken. Her gaze fixed on a pile of shards in the far corner of the room. The lamp on the writing desk was lying in pieces on the floor. The clamp that held it to the desk was still firmly in place.

Ravia was right, they’re trying to get our attention. I must have said it out loud because my mother whirled around blazing with anger.

“That was not our lamp! Did you do this? Don’t lie to me Margaret, I know when you’re lying. Do you know how much it will cost us to replace that lamp? It’s an antique.”

I stammered and stuttered…looking more guilty by the second. I glanced at Sadie who was just coming awake. “It wasn’t me.” I squeaked. “I.. I think I heard it breaking..last night. I don’t know how it happened.”

But I did know.

“Get dressed.”  was all she said, her expression turned from anger to speculation. “Breakfast is ready downstairs, so don’t dawdle. And make your beds.” She left me standing there a question with no answer and mute as the lumps of broken lamp at my feet.




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